get permission is an international media consultancy agency working with many partners at market leading radio stations in major markets worldwide. With our partners we deliver clear and effective research based solutions for your programming. get permission works in many markets and formats – our and our partners market understanding and experience allows us to work with clients to develop innovative and practical, market driven solutions.

Bert Helbig

With his company he provides successful consultancy service to radio stations in Europe. Coordinated with the character of your brand and the requirements of the market, Bert Helbig determines the tailor-made strategy by means of precise market research instruments and uses all common tools from years of practice as moderator and manager. Constructive. Open. Appreciative.

Justus Fischer

is a specialist for music rotation and music strategy. Whenever you need someone to implement your research results like mapping studies or online music tests into your rotation software, Justus is the right man to bring flow into your music. He has worked in the Radio Industry for over 20 years and has been an editor and music-director for some of the biggest and most successful stations in Germany. With his own company formatflow he is now consulting private radio stations and public broadcaster mainly in Central Europe.

CIS Media Solutions / Mikhail Eydelman

CIS-MS established in 2009 by successful media-managers from media and advertising industries. CIS-MS provide to Russian and CIS broadcasting radio and digital TV channels wide range of consultancy in programming and marketing, sales and finance. CIS-MS has a very close relations with BPR and it’s an exclusive representative of BPR in Russia and CIS countries.

Lars Grudzinski

Lars Grudzinski is one of Germany’s leading radio heads. Currently, he manages the team for on air promotion at HIT RADIO FFH (the market leader in the German state of Hessen). Before, he was head of entertainment and morning-show host at radio stations in Hamburg and Baden-Wurttemberg. He also coaches and has been a consultant for KISSFM Berlin for two years. His strengths are in morning-show development, coaching of radio hosts and creative conceptual work in on air promotion. He’s also social media savvy and constantly working on new podcasts and viral video formats.

Alex Kind

Alex Kind ist seit 1990 im Radio tätig
S​eit 14 Jahren Radio-Coach in Österreich, Slowenien, Russland​ und Deutschland​
​e​rfolg​r​eiche Entwicklung ​von ​ Radio - und Show Formate
25 Jahre Radioerfahrung
vom Volontär über Morgenshow-Moderator und Chefredakteur 
seit 200​9​​ ​Programmdirektor​ von STAR FM DEUTSCHLAND ​
​und ​ maßgeblich ​beteiligt ​an der erfolgreichen Entwicklung des ROCKFORMATES  vom Nischensender zum TOP 3 Produkt​